Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Really Belgium...really?

Bruges was, as they said so eloquently in "In Bruges", like a fuckin' fairytale. It was definitely a one-horse town and we were able to wander the neighborhoods, parks, and tourist attractions in the one day that we were there. The highlights were climbing the Belfry Tower (the one the old guy jumped from in the movie), seeing real live swans swimming in the canals, trying local Belgian beers, and having a giant pile of french fries with mayonnaise for dinner. We made friends with our suitemates at the hostel (shout out to Kieran and Dave from Ireland) and did our best to learn as much Irish slang as possible between the hours of 12:00am and 3:30am.

This morning we left for Paris. It was like we were being punished for having it easy on the trains so far...we missed our first train, got off at the wrong connecting station in Brussels, finally made it to the right station and found the train to Paris only to realize at the last moment that we needed a special reservation for that train. We got to Paris 3 hours later than we should have, but made up for it immediately by using what little French we know to procure a baguette and some delicious goat cheese.

Now, if only we could find our friends Kevin and Shanna, who gave up waiting on us at the hostel (we don't blame them), our romantic Parisian rendezvous would be complete. Pictures from Bruges coming as soon as we can make it to an internet cafe that has QWERTY keyboards (this post took 10 hours to type).

Mandi and Bekky

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