Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homeward bound

Copenhagen was a breath of fresh air after leaving Berlin. We started the visit with a trip to Tivoli Garden, the amusement park in the middle of the city. Being the extreme young women that we are, we rode the most x-treme (oh yeah, we went there) rides over and over again, elbowing our way through crowds of pre-pubescent Danish kids with their jeans tucked into their socks (some odd fashion craze in Copenhagen...maybe part of a bicycling culture?). After a very exciting day, we spent the evening with our Danish friend, Johan, and a friend of his. They took us out for traditional Danish food (pork, pork, and more pork) and a pub crawl.

Yesterday was a magical day, and a great way to end this fabulous trip. We spent the day with Johan as our tourguide, picnicing by a lake, riding bikes around the city, visiting the queen's palace, and wandering Christiania (a weird counterculture sort of hippie commune right outside of downtown). To top it all off, Johan cooked a delicious "lasagna". It was a Danish version with bacon and carrots...weird but awesome. We are now checked out of the hostel and about to make our way toward the airport for our ten hour flight home. On the way, we'll try to spend what Kroners we have left. We'll do one more post when we get home and upload the remainder of our photos. Check back to see our lists of what we will and will not miss about traveling Europe for two weeks out of a backpack.

Mandi and Bekky

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